Open 7 Days a Week
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Open 7 Days a Week
Call us: 01422 846088

Advanced Table Tennis



Level: Normal
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As you may know, the table tennis classes are growing and people are really enjoying playing and socialising as a result. We have a number of sessions now (see below). We encourage all to come and play, no matter what level. The main factor is enjoyment. table tennis has been shown to improve coordination and motor skills. Research has shown that table tennis can keep Alzheimer’s at bay and improve one’s quality of life. Who would have known!

The usual 10.30 to 12 on a Thursday for beginners. the it is 12 to 1.30 pm for intermediate players. The sessions are really popular but we only have 3 tables and we cannot accommodate more than 10 players at any given time. Even then it is a bit of a push. There is also a session for advanced players on Wednesdays at 11 am until 1 pm. We have now added a two hour session for intermediate and advanced players on Wednesdays 9am to 11 am. Hopefully we can then give everyone some quality playtime and give all a chance to practice new skills.

You can also play outside of those hours by renting a table when the studio is not otherwise busy with another class. Please consult the timetable to find a slot and ring us on 01422 846022 to book your table. It is £10 a table for the hour. Included in that price is the provision of bats and balls.