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We still don’t have a firm date for reopening but are hoping that it will be 4th July.


Only people using the gym then will be required to pay (so the payments can be restarted for those on DDs).


People who have paid us throughout the lockdown will be given the option to train for free to recoup their generosity.


People who had paid upfront for an annual membership will also be entitled to have the lost time added to their membership.


The proposed arrangements for reopening are still in draft form but are likely to consist of (and possibly not exclusively):

  • a screen on reception
  • obligatory hand sanitising upon entering the gym
  • non contact forehead temperature taking
  • members signing a declaration re their health
  • hourly slots (to be booked in advance) for no more than 8 people at a time
  • no more than three people in the cardio room at any one time
  • no showers


We will continue to clean and sanitise everything throughout the day 


We know that this is less than pleasing. We have a real dilemma. We can stay closed because the restrictions and/or the virus will put lots of people off from training in the gym and it may not be commercially viable for us to reopen or we can bite the bullet and hope that enough of you will want to train, even with these restrictions, to make it worth us opening.


Once we have a date, we will give the above a go and see where we are after a little while.


As usual, suggestions from you are always welcome and actively encouraged. There is no stupid suggestion.